Flowers bring something so special to an event. The lingering scent of roses, the splashes of color, the softening of architecture or structure with nature. A perfect centerpiece making your vision come to life really can’t be beat. Floral design is available to all Nikayla & Co. Couples. 

Wedding Floral Design

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The Nikayla & Co. Gardens wedding floral experience is customized for each of our one-of-a-kind couples. Through conversations about your vision and inspiration, we create a tailored package perfect for your wedding day.

An a La Carte Experience

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  • Bridal Bouquets
  • Bouquets
  • Centerpieces
  • Corsages
  • Boutonnières
  • Hanging Pieces
  • Garland
  • and more!

Floral Elements

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"Not only was Nikayla our photographer, but she also arranged all of our bouquets and did both of those roles wonderfully!! Neither took away from excellence in the other, but both together were so lovely and carefully done."

- Molly, bride

"Nikayla was already hired as our photographer when I realized she also did wedding flowers! I could not be more grateful we chose her for our bouquets and boutonnières and like all of her work, she went above and beyond."

- Catherine, Bride

"I booked Nikayla for floral because I loved her style that I saw on her Instagram! It was clear that floral was an art form for her that she enjoyed. I appreciated Nikayla’s creativity, thoughtfulness, and care that she put into every bouquet!"

- Anna, Bride

"I debated about going a few different direction for our wedding florals but as soon as I started talking to Nikayla about it the process became stress free. I had lots of different floral styles I liked and somehow she melded them beautifully into our own unique look."

- Julianna, Bride

"I was blown away by the elegance, care, and detail put into the whole process. Everything was absolutely beautiful, and it was a complete joy to have Nikayla's creative touch in our florals. She made the whole wedding planning process easy and she's so reliable."

- Calden & Kayla, couple

'We loved the arrangements Nikayla did for our big day! She took simple colors we wanted and masterfully created unique and simple pieces that brought the space we were in to life! The floral arrangements our favorites and we look back at photos just to see the arrangements!"

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