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Historic Church Catholic Nuptial Mass + Spring Barn Wedding | Sioux Falls, SD | Hope + Ty


Soft Sunset Vineyard at Meadow Barn + CEREMONY AT the glorious cathedral of st joseph

hope + Ty

My second wedding in Sioux Falls since moving here was an absolute success. Hope, an incredibly sweet and thoughtful bride, marrying kind and holy Ty. Not only did they get married at the very busy and legendary Cathedral here (such a gorgeous place to visit if you haven’t!), they then had their reception at a gorgeous half-outdoor venue with vineyards, a huge swing, and beautiful greenery to take photos around.

We are so lucky to have a Cathedral of this magnitude in Sioux Falls. This mass elevated Hope and Ty’s day so much, and it’s so incredible to hear the music at this place at a ceremony uniting two hearts. Fun fact: This Cathedral boasts the same architect as the St Paul’s Cathedral in St Paul (another favorite of mine).

As is the norm the past handful of years, these two honored mary by bringing her a bouquet during thier liturgy. several of my most recent couples have done this for both mary & joseph!

One of my favorite moments in recent weddings is following the bride and groom out of their ceremony and getting these truly magical candid moments of their joy with each other and their wedding parties celebrating the fact that they just got MARRIED.

One of the trendiest things of the last couple of seasons for the men is for the groom to buy his groomsmen socks that describe their friendship or personalities in a special way.

Hope made these table number cards with Saints on them and burned the edges herself, and it was a hit. Everyone was chatting about how pretty they were (and about the Saints on the cards) as a conversation starter. Why not use your table numbers as a conversation starter, a trivia question, a travel location you want to go, or a cute photo of the two of you?

Hope and Ty had a wonderful idea for their father daughter & mother son dances. They invited other parents with their children up to dance alongside them. Tears were flowing faster than the delicious wines!!

ANd finally – sunset

*walking back to the barn and hope is walking in front of Ty and I so I’m snapping photos of her walking*
Ty: “yeah she’s really pretty isn’t she??” Just *smitten* 


Photography: Nikayla & Co

Ceremony location: Cathedral of St. Joseph

Reception Venue: The Meadow Barn

Dress: Sandra Rose

HMUA: @tess.sbeauty

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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