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My associate team and I provide the romantic and joyful experience of a lifetime while serving as your wedding photographer and videographer. Because your best days and loved ones deserve to be remembered intricately over and over.

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Engaged: Pebble Beach on the Lake, Flowery Fields, and Golden Waterside Sunset | Hazen, ND | Molly + Nate


Midwest Sandy Beach + Purple and white floral pastures + dancing away the evening in small-town North Dakota


This engagement session was the first time I met Molly and Nate, and it felt somehow like we were old friends. Not only did we have a blast, but starting the day at the warm beach just made everything feel so carefree and relaxing. Molly’s gorgeous smile was charged by how hilarious Nate was, and they laughed and held each other with completely natural happiness the entire time.

As the sun got low in the sky, we headed into town (yes, this is a town of 2000 people in the middle of nowhere, ND) to my very own parent’s huge fields behind their home, where there are little groves of flowers and trees, making for some gorgeous photos of them sitting in the flowers and running through the fields.

Finally, we went up to the highest hills nearby as the sun was dipping toward the horizon and Nate and Molly danced and playfully roamed around as we laughed and took photos through dusk.

Check out my blog again in a month or two for their STUNNING wedding that happened this past fall, where I got the honor of both photographing them AND making their bouquets and boutonnieres (which I might just have to make an entire blog about in itself).

A sweet reel I made of this couple… click here to see a gif! Did you know I make gifs of you? It makes the photo feel SO real!

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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