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Vintage Inspired Catholic Wedding in the Refurbished St Ann’s Cathedral | Great Lakes, MT | Bryn + Johnny



Bryn + johnny

Bryn got ready with her ladies who were all so extremely happy and supportive. They prayed a rosary and prayed over Bryn prior to her wedding mass.

Bryn looked gorgeous in her sleek, a-line gown, which matched her sleek and soft blonde curls.

They had a beautiful moment praying together in the side chapel where Johnny had his back to Bryn and led them in prayer

St Ann’s Cathedral in Great Falls was the perfect place for these two to say their vows. This church has been completely refurbished to bring out the gorgeous old stained glass and side altars, where the couple brought flowers to Mary. This is the type of church where photos of the couple just walking around look stunning as ever!

I got emotional as I waited up front for the bridal party to walk in! Johnny was beaming and couldn’t keep his smile anything less than huge as he awaited his bride. Bryn’s joyful tears matched Johnny’s, and honestly it was the sweetest moment to witness.

Always utilize the loft of a church for photos!! If you don’t know if it’s available, ask, or let me know & I’ll ask the priest or coordinator.

Even in a huge church like this, it’s super important to be discreet. Pillars are one of my favorite places to hide behind as I get close ups.

Sometimes I get the quiet fulfillment of being able to capture my couples in authentic prayer, and this was one of those times

Pro tip: always do the flower toss!! Oh my gosh, this made for some amazing moments. Bryn chose to use snow cone cups to have handed out to all her guests with the flowers in them as she and her now husband took a moment with me taking portraits in the church gardens.

Many church portraits later, we drove to the edge of Great Falls and got some truly Montana style grasslands to take portraits of the wedding party & new married couple in. Bryn & Johnny’s chosen color scheme both perfectly matched the church AND the grassy hills!

Finally, they loaded up an incredible blue vintage car and got to their reception, decorated beautifully with vintage books, tall taper candles on brass candlesticks, eclectic lace, and more of their sage and peachy color scheme.

Meadowlark Club had the PERFECT set up for this evening, with stunning wall to wall window light, wood floors, and stunning chandeliers

Sweet first dances & Bryn being lifted by her dad.

Sunset session with lots of dancing, wind, & motion blur!

Hilarious families and a little dance floor show that welcomed Bryn into their family!

Congrats to this gorgeous couple & (now almost a year later) their soon to be family of 3!!

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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