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Catherine was in like 9th grade when I met her and was her youth minister at St. Joes in Moorhead, MN. We connected really quickly. She has always been an incredibly gentle, sweet, and helpful person ready to serve at the drop of a hat. From photographing Catherine’s senior photos to her engagement and wedding, and now they’re expecting, which just makes me want to cry big tears.

The flowers and flat lay being all white with greenery and gold felt so elegant and pure.

Catherine got ready with all her girls at her mom’s cute historic cottage, where they had a backyard tented rehearsal dinner the night before.

The coolest part of this getting ready morning is that Catherine scheduled their getting ready times earlier than normal so that they could have a fancy, homemade sit down brunch at the table together with tea cups and china. During said brunch, each bridesmaid took a turn to speak a special word or two to Catherine, and eyes were glazed all around the table. 

My daughter was also the flower girl (another reason this was a special wedding for me).

Catherine’s bridesmaids were supportive as ever, showering her with love at their first look of her.

 I just barely caught photos of the groomsmen praying over Thomas near the Holy Family statue when I arrived at the church, and am so glad I did! Catherine and her girls prayed in their little room too, with my sweet 3 year old Avila joining in.

After praying together, Catherine & Thomas got married at St. Joes, where we used to do praise and worship for youth group, confirmation retreats, and much more. Such a special parish to both her and me. 

Thomas’s reaction to his bride was one of the most emotional of the year – a combination of the utmost joy and peace.

These two said their vows, received the eucharist together, and couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

I also did the flowers for this wedding and these giant garden roses were SO elegant my goodness.

After a beaming walk out, we took church portraits and then made our way to Island Park for more wedding party and couple portraits. We all got in our cars just before it started to absolutely downpour!

The Armory reception space is also very special to me. When I was in college, this was an abandoned building that I used to frequent (with permission) to use for senior portraits and even an end of the semester art show that I took my class to. While I visited one time alongside the owner, he described his million dollar restoration plans, and I told him that this place deserved to be a wedding venue. Now, I was like 21 and never followed up, so I’m not claiming much here, BUT what a cool thing to watch that actually play out!

Italian ruscus lined tables looked beautiful along the warm brick and giant windows. 

Their guestbook was a Bible that they intend to keep in their home – all their guests wrote little notes of love and encouragement and prayer next to their favorite verses.

Fun fact: the best man giving his speech here ended up also being a client of mine when he got married a few months later!

This sunset session was SO fun. It had stopped raining, so we popped outside into the golden light and started shooting right on the sidewalk, and in an empty parking lot across the street. Sometimes all you need for a session like this is good light and a couple with chemistry.

We even took a few through the window, which was very reminiscent of their engagement session.

After a few special dances, Catherine broke the massive dancing crowd in her 2nd outfit: a white jumpsuit. Everyone went wild!

I was so blessed to be able to shoot the wedding of someone so close to me. I got to watch Catherine grow from a sweet, caring teen into such a stunning, generous woman and meet & marry the love of her life.

Cheers to Catherine & Thomas

(and their little baby who will be here this summer!!!) <3

Ceremony: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Reception: The Armory Event Center
Photography: Nikayla & Co.
Flowers: Nikayla & Co. Gardens

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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