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Corpus Christi Catholic Church Wedding Ceremony & Oceanside Reception at the Rusty Pelican | Tampa, FL | Rachelle + Johnny




We began the day per usual when the couple books a full day with shots of the dress hanging, details, and getting ready images.

The detail photos featured gorgeous Florida-style colored flowers & orchids.

Johnny finished up getting ready and left quickly so that Rachelle could discreetly sneak in and get her dress and accessories on. Not only did they get ready with their siblings, but they did so at their future home together – an adorable, brightly lit space with lots of white walls to reflect light perfectly.

We headed to their sweet church nestled into a Tampa neighborhood, where their nieces and nephews awaited them as flower girls & ring bearers. Corpus Christi was a bright church with lots of oak, smiling faces, and a priest who obviously adored the couple.

Rachelle was emotional walking down the aisle and the soft tears didn’t stop the entire time.

During their ceremony, they did some traditions that I’ve seen more and more of, including the filipino tradition of being wrapped with a veil and rosary (cord), and being given coins to hold that symbolize their trust and provision in & for each other.

Sealed with a kiss, the couple joyfully exited the church into the amazing sideyard that was full of purple flowers and Spanish moss, which was a specific favorite of Rachelle’S.

Then, because it’s Florida, we headed to the beach; not just for couples portraits, but for their waterside reception at the legendary Rusty Pelican. We stepped only feet away from the venue which had huge windows on three sides to the ocean and soaked in the salty air as we took our time doing couple’s photos and videos alongside Torres Tribe Films.

Now, I highly recommend doing a little “venue reveal” for yourself as a bride or groom when your reception hall is still empty. As guests had cocktails in another room, Rachelle and Johnny got to do just that! And see their gorgeous decor that included a soft, dusty blue palette with plenty of Florida greens and a brightly colored cake.

Since this couple opted out of having a traditional bridal party, they did their grand entrance into the venue with their parents and families, showcasing their closeness and love for all of them! It was so sweet and unique.

The sun set lavender right behind the couple at their sweetheart table as the speeches were going on, and that mixed with their neon sign was one of my FAVORITE sights of this year at receptions.

My night ended with the bride and her father doing a choreographed waltz with plenty of personality and an incredible slice of pink cake. Cheers to Johnny and Rachelle and their wonderful, joyful souls.

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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