Nikayla Bautista is the founder and lead photographer at Nikayla & Co. Nikayla & Co. offers wedding photography and other services to those who are excited to say "til death do us part". 

My associate team and I provide the romantic and joyful experience of a lifetime while serving as your wedding photographer and videographer. Because your best days and loved ones deserve to be remembered intricately over and over.

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St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Wedding + Huge Reception with Friends and Loved Ones | West St. Paul, MN | Kyleigh + Jacob




All the details were intentional and beautiful, including a custom denim jacket with pearls all over it, a necklace from The Little Catholic, and Kyliegh’s wintery red lip.

Kyliegh and her many bridesmaids met me at St. Joe’s, where I couldn’t help but recall the Bible study that I led in college, where I first met Kyliegh when she was just a sophomore in college. We sat around a table together every week and I always knew that we would end up staying in each other’s lives one way or another. This was such a sweet full circle moment.

The first look was so touching. She and Jacob aren’t your average online dating match! These two complement each other so well, and I feel like they would’ve met somehow EVEN if it wasn’t online. They are just that meant to be.

Before the liturgy, we went out to one of my favorite open areas to take portraits, QUICKLY getting into position as to not freeze, in the snowy gorgeous fields. The sun was low in the sky, creating a near perfect light for the late afternoon. It was so golden and so stunning

One of the many things I love about my job is joining in on the celebration of someone truly exceptional like Kyliegh,

who cared more than anything to be virtuous and share the kingdom of heaven through her ceremony.

Their ceremony truly was heavenly. Not only did everyone around me seem entranced by it all, but I did too (and I attend a lot of weddings, you guys). This church means so much to me, as did many of the guests, and I was simultaneously smiling and in a constant state of wanting to have a good cry. The worship song “Bride of Christ” by Nick Smith was sung by an incredibly talented friend of the couple, and truly sent shivers down my spine the entire time.

As everyone lined up outside in the dark, the couple went to adoration before they ran through their nighttime bubble exit, which was truly colorful and fantastic.

A few night portraits later, it was reception time for everyone. There were a few moments of old school christmasy decor spread throughout the room which made the atmosphere so cozy. The newlyweds had their first dances upon entering before dinner, a unique way to make sure that everyone got to see their dances before any guests had to leave. It’s also a great way to get the dances photographed if your photographer isn’t booked out til late in the evening.

This day was so full of worship and emotion. I’m honored to have been a part of it. Cheers to the newlyweds — Kyliegh and Jacob!


Dress Designer and/or Place of purchase:
David’s Bridal, Oakdale, MN
Home Page – DBI

Bride’s veil designer:
David’s Bridal
Home Page – DBI

Bouquets from Etsy !

Ceremony Venue:
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Church of St. Joseph

Reception Venue:
Bloomington Event Center
Bloomington Event Center – Professional Venue for Weddings & More

DJ or band:
Matt Renna

Sophie Cash

Cake and/or desserts:
Coldstone Creamery

Hair artist and makeup artist:
Joce Dave

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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