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Pros + Cons of Fall Weddings | What season is best to get married in? [2/4]


Pros + Cons of
Fall Weddings

See my previous blog for pros & cons of getting married in the summer!

The wedding below was a fall wedding from 2020, and let me tell you – the leaves were s t u n n i n g. They truly made the bridal portraits more incredible than I can even explain! If you’re interested in an October wedding in the midwest, you might want to check out this entire gallery.


  1. Are you a fall person? Do you crave the pumpkin patches, orchards, sunflowers, and thanksgiving vibes to be captured in your photos?

  2. Could a warm color palette work for you? Earthy oranges and yellows or muted greens have been so in this year. Or you could stick warm neutrals, mauve, or warm greens to surely withstand the test of time!

  3. Are you stuck between wanting an outdoor reception and loathing the heat? Your answer might be the lovely in-between-temperatures of autumn.

  4. Have you pictured yourself wearing lace or long sleeves? How about a shawl, sweater, or something retro like a jacket over your dress?





  • Fall colors are gorgeous and easy to put on anything. There are so many variations that are all timeless and easy to work with. It’s also been really stylish to play with different color, texture, and patterned bridesmaids dresses.

  • Trees! Leaves! Foliage! Everything in fall is in a pretty phase, especially if you get a mid to late October date.

  • Fall temperatures are generally at a medium. September is still warm, while November is cool, but neither are going to quickly give you a heatstroke or the chills.


  • As nice as fall weather can be, it’s also quite unpredictable. In the midwest, it can snow around Halloween, and in the Southwest, it can still be blazing hot through October.

  • If you’re young and still have friends or family in college or school, it may be difficult for them to get time off to help you or attend your wedding, as there are a lot of testing days and popular sports in the fall.

  • If you’re in certain types of families, they may get upset with you for marrying during hunting season or football season (sigh).




sunflowers and a dreamy reception tent

See these farmer’s market bouquets and a dreamy color palette with emerald dresses on the backdrop of fall foliage. An outdoor tent reception topped it off!

a church’s garden and a breath taking orchard

One of the prettiest churches I shot in in 2020 (inside and out) + an orchard that was literally just orange, followed by a backyard reception with stunning details.

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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