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Our Lady of the Falls Catholic Church + Backyard Barn Venue | Chippewa Falls, WI | Joseph + Grace | Associate Wedding



grace & joseph

One of my associate photographers was lucky enough to be able to experience this incredibly unique, tradition-filled wedding at a Catholic Church in Chippewa Falls for the sweetest couple. The day began as many do, with detail and getting ready photos!

Both Grace and Joseph opted to have getting-ready photos taken (always my favorite)! Joseph and his guys hung out outside and did up each other’s ties in the gorgeous summer weather. Grace and her ladies were inside with perfect window light getting ready together and praying in a large group before the ceremony. Grace’s perfect eyebrows and highlight were SO easy to capture and looked perfect next to her Brides of France dress and lace-trimmed veil resting over her flower crown.

Oftentimes photographers will skip over taking photos of the details from a ceremony, but anyone’s attention would be captivated by the gorgeous crowns, candles, exquisite details, and more that awaited this couple on a chrism table in the front of the church. This ceremony resembled that of Julianna and Axel with there being additional elements to it from another Rite, including a betrothal, dance of Isaiah, and crowning.

Sometimes, walking into a church feels like a whole experience of beauty, and this would be one of those places.

A perfect mixture of gorgeous statues, soft airy light through stained glass, and icons adorned the huge room. After Grace walked to Joseph, they stood arm in arm with giddy smiles on their faces where the priest immediately added their wedding rings to their fingers. Luckily, they had asked for a second photographer, making these photos even more of an experience, since everything was able to be shot from more than one angle at the same time.

These ceremony photos completely speak for themselves, but I’ll do my best to compliment them. Joseph looking over at Grace with a soft smile is by FAR one of my very favorite images from the day. The matching crowns were put on their heads during the homily, a perfect time to get those wide “it’“ shots before the dance of Isaiah, which made Grace emotional.

After venerating Mary, the couple shared a sweet moment of a small kiss on the cheek before walking out of the church with joy freely painting their faces. And don’t worry, they shared a first kiss, just at the back of the church!

A flower petal toss and drizzly receiving line later, the party and photographer walked outside of the church for some photos, and then headed to a nearby park in Chippewa Falls for some cloudy wedding party photos, making for perfect, even light instead of the harsh afternoon sunshine.

Before heading to the park for wedding party photos, the newlywed couple took a stop for some portraits together at a nearby coffee shop. This was such a sweet way to do something memorable together! And the photos turned out so sweet.

Wildflower-reminiscent centerpieces lined the tables inside their barn venue alongside stunning wood details everywhere and twinkle lights highlighting the tall barn ceilings. Grace and Joseph sat in the very middle of the room to be truly near and with their guests, and used possibly the cutest champagne glasses I’ve ever seen.

Speeches, cheers, hugs, and a playful lawn outside were the sweet moments captured during this reception. Cheers to these two gorgeous people and their love!

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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