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Intimate St. Mary’s in the Mountains Ceremony & Party at The Depot in Reno, NV | Kalei + Jan




How do I begin to describe such a special day? Many, many of my couples are or become special to me, but this one was uniquely different. My very own sister-in-law and her now husband had one of those fantastic and unique days that I was so excited to share. The night before, I led the girls in making our bouquets for the following day from pastel, dried bunny tails, eucalyptus, and gorgeous fillers!

In my very own Airbnb, the bridesmaids got ready (myself and my toddler included) with Kalei in her adorable floral robe while the men got ready together at their Airbnb.

After we drove to the church, Kalei and her ladies got her dress and accessories on with some gorgeous window light in the basement of the church, which is filled with antiques and a museum of old monstrances, historical church artifacts, and Catholic art.

Following her getting ready, Kalei did a first look with my father in law, then her two big brothers, both of which were phenomenal, sweet, emotional, and exciting.

A round of hugs later, we all headed upstairs to walk into the small, ornate ceremony. Kalei with veil over her face walked to her crying groom, and the music subsided as the priest began their nuptial mass. My husband and I got to walk down the aisle together for this one as my associate shooters captured the majority of this mass without me.

This tall, wood-clad church echoed beautifully as the priest invited us to listen to the readings before the couple said the same vows that many of my couples say.

As many of my clients also do, they asked for photos of them receiving the Eucharist together for the first time as a married couple, and Kalei happily watched Jan doing so, which was extremely special since he had just come into the church that previous Easter.

A kiss followed the lifting of Kalei’s veil, handmade by again, my talented mother-in-law.

After a walk out and some family portraits, Kalei, Jan, and I spent some special time in the church doing portraits of just the two of them. Kalei got to show off her vintage dress from Etsy, her veil with flowers embroidered on it, and her trendy square toed heels.

Wedding party photos ensued after we got to The Depot in downtown Reno, NV on a simple, gray wall before we did plenty of other photos of Kalei and Jan all over the inside of The Depot, an old brick building with multiple venue spaces and a bar/restaurant inside. Kalei and Jan’s infectious smiles and peaceful gazes at one another filled the session to the brim with joy.

TIME FOR A DRESS CHANGE for our bride, who is absolutely going to be on the dance floor all evening. The pastel coloring and vintage theme of Kalei’s accessories and flowers flowed into the reception, where there were disco balls, tall pastel candles, records displaying the seating chart, and a phone that records messages for the bride and groom to hear, which was the COOLEST guestbook idea I’ve seen in quite a while.

Perfect evening light flowed in through the windows of this venue and lit up the brick walls, aged wooden floors, and smiling guests having their plates set before them.

And hear me when I say: every single bite of food I ate at this wedding was beyond delicious. Like, I don’t usually comment on dinner in blogs but if I’m ever in Reno again, I’ll be stopping here to eat a huge meal.

A champagne tower and playful speeches prepared us to calmly watch the sweet first dances. The night ended with a “dance party” as my toddler would say, and an incredibly fun exit where we all made a tunnel at the bottom of the steps and led the newlyweds out to their getaway vehicle.

One extra special thing about this day: I got to look through this entire gallery with them after I sent it, which was genuinely one of the best moments ever and I wish I could do with ALL of my couples

Unlimited cheers to my sweet sister and now brother-in-law and their perfect day.





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Ceremony Venue:

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Reception Venue:

The Depot

— St. JPII

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every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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