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Cord was my supervisor on NET, my husband’s roommate, and our best man at our wedding (at which he gave a ridiculously sweet speech) so you can imagine this was a really special one for me.

I couldn’t say enough about these two and their hospitality, holiness, and truly divine prayer lives. Someday, I’m sure one of these photos will be on their holy card when they’re Saints.

Cord and Jessica’s day had such immaculate and beautiful details – my favorite of which was Jessica’s Bible that was opened to the Magnificat in Luke, so we kept it that way.

Jessica’s dress was filled with soft appliques of leaves, like vines, that gave her dress such an earthy and feminine feel.

As we got to the church, we met Cord in the outdoor Marian chapel so the two could pray together and finish their consecration to St. Joseph (cue tears).

This church is breathtaking and ornate and has such a lovely saturated style to it. The photos of Cord as his bride walked to him are some of my favorite from the year.

I didn’t expect this parish to be so incredibly beautiful and jaw dropping. It was so COLORFUL but still so elegant, and felt very warm and “California” despite being in such an old, romantic style.

As is usual for California, after we did some church portraits, we headed outside into a beautiful garden that was outside of the church.

With a bridal party in soft flamingo pink, things were feeling floral even before we got to the lovely gardens where we took couples’ portraits.

This city garden was special for these two because they had gone on walks there before, and eventually ended up getting engaged there under twinkling lights and the green branches.

The huge tree pictured is actually a peppercorn tree (and Cord is a biology major, so he filled me in on this info).

The reception location was at another church nearby that built this building specifically for event hosting, which is an incredible idea if I do say so myself.

Peonies were the star of the evening, strewn across the head table and in their backdrop.

INCREDIBLE food, speeches, and a few dances later, these two cut their cake that had the same leafy designs as Jessica’s dress.

Finally, it was time for a memorable sunset session under (you guessed it), more incredible foliage, especially the purple jacaranda tree.

After this, I got my flash out and enjoyed the rest of the evening as Cord & Jessica perfected the balance between loving on their guests and enjoying themselves on the dance floor.


Getting Ready Space: The Langham
Ceremony: St. Andrew Church
Reception: Church of Our Savior
Portrait Session Location: Arlington Garden

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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