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Anna and Jack’s wedding in Spokane, Washington was classic, elegant, and filled with peace and joy!

The building that they got ready in (which was also their reception space) was SO pretty and historic! It was such a lovely place for photos, and it even had a ton of windows on one side giving us some ideal lighting.

This was one of my favorite (and highest) dress hanging shots I’ve done – the dress, the pillar, and the staircase just make it SO elegant.

When Anna’s mom pulled out the dress for her to put on they both started crying, and it was the sweetest moment.

Before their ceremony, Anna and Jack prayed together without seeing each other. Their prayers were so sincere, touching and selfless. Jack’s soft smile and Anna dabbing her eyes had ME in tears.

After finishing off the look with the veil, we were ready to walk over to the Cathedral for the ceremony – and these ladies walking across the street were giving cover girls.

Finally, after Anna’s bridesmaids and dad prayed over her, the ceremony was underway in this incredible Cathedral.

Anna and Jack met at this Cathedral after both discerning religious life. Both had super close moments with Our Lady of Lourdes, then met at the Cathedral named after that, then married in that same church. Their entire relationship is so obviously wrapped in the mantle of Mary.

Anna’s dad kissed her on the forehead as he left her with her husband-to-be, and that sweet moment had me and those in attendance aww’ing.

The ceremony was so sincere and beautiful, and they had a Bishop to lead it all.

If a church has a balcony, it’s one of my favorite places to get eucharistic photos – but it’s a long walk back down to the side to make sure I get photos of the couple receiving.

Them worshiping together after receiving communion was one of the sweetest parts of the ceremony. Anna’s brother sang Holy Ground by Hillsong and everyone prayed. It was so lovely and had a thick air of peace.

That just married JOY!

After the ceremony, we grabbed some group photos outside the front of the Cathedral, and then we walked back to their getting ready space for their portraits. It was filled with columns, marble, and a lovely staircase perfect for bride and groom shots!

Like I said, the windows on the inside of this building gave us the PERFECT bright light for photos.

Jack sported a hilarious wig and Anna put on some crazy sunglasses upon entering the reception to give their guests a laugh.

This moment when the Mother Superior held the couple’s hands and wished them well was so precious and had me in tears.

A romantic first dance for the couple, and then they partied the night away!



— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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