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My associate team and I provide the romantic and joyful experience of a lifetime while serving as your wedding photographer and videographer. Because your best days and loved ones deserve to be remembered intricately over and over.

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Wedding at St Joseph’s Catholic Church on the Feast of the Sacred Heart & The Yard Lakeside Venue | Moorhead, MN/Fargo, ND | Emily + Peter




It meant the world to me to have Emily ask me to photograph her wedding, something she told me she had dreamed of ever since I was going to college for photography. Back when she was 15, she began coming to my youth group, and spending hours upon hours building a life of prayer and faith over the following years. She followed me into serving on NET Ministries, and ended up going to UMary in Bismarck for college, where she really fell for Peter. I couldn’t decide if shooting this wedding felt more like taking photos of my little sister or daughter, but it brought me to tears more than once. Emily is so inspiring and I am unbelievably proud of her.

There was a moment at their ceremony where she was worshipping with hands out and eyes closed, and all I could see was little 16-17 year old Emily in this long sleeved blue t-shirt she always used to wear, glasses, curly blonde hair – just learning to adore Jesus and having an open heart beyond most teens I’ve witnessed.

I showed up to The Yard in the morning, a gorgeous outdoor venue with a barn and huge tent for guests. They also had a house on-site with a wrap-around porch for the wedding party to get ready.

I knew several bridesmaids, making this day even more special! The girls did a few adorable group photos & then a first look with Emily all dolled up.

As we got downstairs in the church’s youth room, the mural I had painted almost 8 years before was still there, and Emily’s maids prayed over her right in front of it. I cried more at this point than any other, and my heart was totally lifted by this experience. Emily had tiny joyful tears coming down her cheeks as the clock ticked by, making her closer and closer to being a wife.

The walk into her ceremony was a stunner!

I try to always catch this moment where I can see the groom’s expression seeing his bride through her and her father as they walk toward him.

We were able to go right back to The Yard for all of the portraits for their wedding day, which was amazing! The grassy and tree-filled lawns of The Yard were gorgeously green and big enough for a large bridal party like Peter & Emily’s.

Of course, one of my favorite parts of the day was the couple’s session.

Emily and Peter were so natural in front of me since I took their engagement photos and they had done it all before – a huge reason to always have your photographer take your engagement photos if you can.

This wedding was also one of those with a reception ABSOLUTELY worth photographing. The best part about June in ND? It stays light so late into the evening, making the party all the more fun and last longer. The Yard’s table set up was so much fun and so aesthetically pleasing.

Emily made a bunch of the decor herself, and they included adorable mementos, such as copper mule cups for each member of the bridal party.

As the dancing was underway, there were very few people without huge smiles on their faces. My daughter even stopped by to pick me up at the end of the day and see mama working.

Thank you, Emily & Peter, for being absolutely ideal human beings with hearts set on glorious things. Cheers!

— St. JPII

"Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching beneath reality’s surface, strives to interpret its hidden mystery."

every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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