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Pros + Cons of Summer Weddings | What season is best to get married in? [1/4]


Pros & Cons of
Summer Weddings


Below are two of my favorite images from recent summer weddings. Getting married in the summertime is dreamy (in my opinion). I’ve always loved the greens that summer wedding photos have, and when I used to live in MN, June was the beginning of wedding peak season. BUT we’re here to talk about how getting married in any season can be dreamy if you do it right! Let’s do this one at a time and talk about marriage in each season, along with a few of pros and cons for each.

The peak of almost all wedding seasons is in the late spring/early summer & in the fall; certain Saturdays during these peaks can get extremely busy for vendors. Venues will be busy and for good reason. These times of year are absolutely gorgeous and have a lot to offer. Off season weddings can be equally as beautiful so long as they’re planned well. They can be quite a bit cheaper too!

The easiest way to decide which season you should get married in is to ask yourself some questions & eliminate any seasons that come off as a “no” to you right off the bat. Here’s some good ones to start with:


  1. What season generally brings you joy and would be considered your favorite? Does the heat make your mood better or worse?

  2. What have you always pictured yourself wearing? Strapless, spaghetti straps, or maybe a gauzy, light gown?

  3. Consider your location. A summer wedding might be lovely in the midwest, but painfully warm in the desert if you want an outdoor wedding.

  4. Do you have a dream venue style? If you’re looking for an outdoor venue or reception, that will dictate a lot of your seasonal choices. You’ll also have to work with venues when they are open, and some may not be during certain seasons. Some venues are only open in the summer, and you’d be in luck! Summer venues, especially in the midwest, are more versatile than ever.

  5. Ask yourself what flowers speak to you. Tropical, beauty florals? Succulents and lush greenery? Classic roses and garden flowers? Wildflowers? These are all popular summery flower choices that I’ve seen recently. Summer floral options are basically endless though!

  6. Color, color, color! An easy way of dreaming up a perfect summer wedding is to give in to your desire for a colorful and summery palette. For you, this could mean strictly greens and whites… or a styled mixture of all the colors that you know and love!





  • Summer is one of the easiest times for guests to travel to your wedding, due to many people taking/having vacation time and the weather generally being easy to travel in.

  • The days are so long & full of lots of daylight hours for photos (and a great reception!) Think about how nice it would be to have your photographer there for 9:30pm sunset photos on a beach (my heart!)

  • You can do your reception or wedding outside! Whether it be in your parent’s big backyard, a hotel patio, or a grand tent, summer is the easiest season to have your wedding and still be able to dance under the stars.

  • There are a ton of unique outdoor things that you can do in warm weather. Think fireworks, a sparkler send off, barbecue dinner, or waterside experience!

  • Flowers are aplenty during this time of year, and you’ll have a large range of choices in colors, as nothing really clashes in the summer.


  • Depending on where you live, the heat can really make a summer wedding more uncomfortable. Warmer climates, and especially humid ones, might be leave guests less excited to spend hours outside during the middle of a July day.

  • In many wedding climates, this is peak season. Everyone wants a June wedding, and that can leave you with a lot fewer options as far as venues and vendors go, especially if you have a less than lengthy engagement. If you’re in the time of your life where you have other friends getting married, finding a day for your wedding that isn’t going to be someone else’s could also be a stressor.

  • Outfit choices may be limited. You’ll want a dress that gives you and your bridesmaids a little breathing room, so velvet, long sleeves, and similar styles may not be able to be your first choice. Your groom might also not want to do black tie with a heavy jacket either. Hello, suspenders?


W E D D I N G I N S P I R A T I O N ?


flowers from grandma’s garden

See how Matt & Danielle incorporated all kinds of spring buds into their day that their grandma grew for them the months before (yes, I cried).

a truly unforgettable golden hour

See more of Dan & Morgan’s gorgeous Catholic ceremony, followed by an adventure to a green lush field for some sunset photos at 9pm

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every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive

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